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Professional Liability Coverage Issues

Kunz, Plitt, Hyland & Demlong
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The law firm of Kunz, Plitt, Hyland & Demlong assists insurance carriers, professional organizations, and other companies with the complexities of professional liability coverage. Our attorneys regularly investigate claims, take examinations under oath, author routine coverage opinions, and answer coverage questions.

The minutiae of professional liability policies have tremendous importance. They can spell the difference between the continuation of a promising career and a devastating verdict of negligence and / or malpractice. Our lawyers have carefully analyzed and provided coverage advice regarding various types of professional liability policies regarding:

  • Lawyers
  • Architects and engineers
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical malpractice defense
  • Home inspection
  • Police liability
  • Real estate agent/brokers
  • Insurance agent/brokers

As a full-service insurance law firm, we also provide defense of malpractice suits. Our coverage attorneys previously worked as defense lawyers for insurance companies, and are among the few lawyers with substantial experience in both insurance coverage assistance and insurance coverage defense.

We are frequently called to analyze professional liability coverage issues long before a dispute arises. When a claim does come forth, our lawyers already have a full understanding of our client's needs and the applicable policies. Full-time litigation attorneys from other firms are often called in for support in large-scale cases, but we generally retain first chair, recognizing that our proficiency in insurance coverage issues is of paramount importance.

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Contact our lawyers anytime to discuss how we can handle your professional and medical malpractice defense and coverage analysis issues.

Our attorneys regularly serve clients throughout the southwestern United States, including those in communities such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, and Mesa, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico; Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado; and Salt Lake City, Utah.


Kunz, Plitt, Hyland & Demlong is widely known as a trial law firm that has achieved outstanding results for its clients while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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