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Kunz, Plitt, Hyland, Demlong & Kleifield Insurance Practice Group has extensive experience in analyzing and litigating insurance coverage and bad faith claims. The attorneys of the practice group have handled coverage disputes and the defense of bad faith claims in multiple states. The firm’s shareholders in this practice group are experienced trial lawyers.

From law offices in Phoenix, Arizona, we maintain a multi-state coverage boutique practice, covering New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah. Attorneys in this practice group have provided insurance counseling and advice to the insurance industry since 1983.

A predominant part of the firm’s practice involves property and casualty insurance in the personal and commercial lines areas. This area of practice includes homeowners, tenants, automobile, general liability, contractor liability, and construction defect coverage liability. See the following pages for more information on aspects of our insurance coverage work:

In the area of insurance coverage, most cases do not proceed to trial. However, in those instances where the cases are tried, it is important for the insurance company client to know that the lawyers in Kunz, Plitt, Hyland, Demlong & Kleifield Insurance Practice Group have actual trial experience in the coverage area, in addition to their trial experience in insurance bad faith cases, which are much more likely to proceed to trial.

For more information about our trial practice, see the following pages:

Successful insurance coverage practice requires superior skills in legal analysis, research, and writing. Top law school graduates who possess substantial legal, analytic, and writing skills are recruited for this practice group. Associates join this practice group from the top of their law school classes.

Kunz, Plitt, Hyland, Demlong & Kleifield's insurance coverage practice is designed to be full service. In order to accomplish this goal, the firm is set up to economically provide coverage analysis regarding commonly recurring coverage issues. As an example, our attorneys' experience in the property context enables us to easily assist insurance company clients with the gathering of necessary information regarding property loss or business interruption including examinations under oath.


Kunz, Plitt, Hyland, Demlong & Kleifield Insurance Practice Group has a vibrant regional practice which encompasses the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah. In all, our attorneys have been called upon to offer to analyze insurance coverage in over 40 jurisdictions, and have unparalleled knowledge in the insurance laws of many states.

Several insurance companies have chosen to use out-of-state law firms in the Nevada legal marketplace. In order to meet the needs of clients, Kunz, Plitt, Hyland, Demlong & Kleifield has three lawyers licensed to practice in Nevada. These lawyers are fully capable of handling the full panoply of insurance coverage and bad faith cases that arise within Nevada.


The role of regional and national coverage counsel is often filled by the large East and West Coast law firms, and occasionally by Washington D.C. and Chicago law firms. Kunz, Plitt, Hyland, Demlong & Kleifield offers a high quality and affordable alternative to these traditional options.

We bring substantial talent and significant industry experience to the coverage table while maintaining a client friendly rate structure. Our rate structure is substantially lower than what is otherwise expected for specialized coverage work on the coasts, and our experience in insurance coverage analysis and litigation is very comparable to firms on both coasts.


Moreover, unlike a local law firm handling only one or two cases for the client, regional and/or national counsel has every incentive to vigorously represent the client’s entire portfolio of cases. The regional and/or national counsel concept is particularly suited to the insurance market because of the similarity of issues arising out of particular companies’ various insurance products. Effective representation of a program book of business, or company portfolio of risk for a given insurance product requires consistency which can effectively be achieved by using regional or national coverage counsel for that program book of business. Significant cost savings can arise from this type of representation where research and analysis does not need to be duplicated.


Contact our lawyers anytime to discuss how we can handle your insurance coverage litigation.

Our attorneys regularly serve clients throughout the southwestern United States, including those in communities such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, and Mesa, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico; Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado; and Salt Lake City, Utah.


Kunz, Plitt, Hyland, Demlong & Kleifield is widely known as a trial law firm that has achieved outstanding results for its clients while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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