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Arizona Construction Defects Lawyer

Arizona Construction Defects Attorneys

A growing area of coverage litigation has arisen from the construction industry, with significant matters often surfacing through homeowner insurance and general liability insurance claims. The substance of these claims can involve:

  • Design issues that relate to architecture or engineering
  • Foundational and structural problems
  • Defective materials, including drywall
  • Mold
  • Electrical or plumbing issues

Kunz Plitt Hyland & Demlong's insurance practice group has extensive experience with construction defect coverage matters involving developers, general contractors and subcontractors. We have rendered coverage analysis and assistance regarding individual and class action construction defect litigation in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. In this area of coverage practice, we have assisted our insurance company clients with additional insured tenders and coverage recoveries, and with structuring and coordination of settlement packages through the participation of other obligated subcontractors and insurance companies through additional insured endorsements.

Phoenix Construction Litigation Attorneys

Contact Kunz Plitt Hyland & Demlong, P.C., for consultation regarding contractor lawsuits, subcontractor lawsuits and other construction-related matters. Our lawyers can answer your questions and represent you or your company all the way to trial, regardless of the complexity of the matter at hand.