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As every insurance carrier is aware, mold has become a universal consideration in property insurance claims. The attorneys of Kunz Plitt Hyland & Demlong, P.C., routinely assist companies with the complexities of mold insurance coverage and mold remediation issues, providing claim investigations, taking examinations under oath, answering coverage questions and authoring routine coverage opinions.

Though often found in conjunction with homeowner insurance or general liability insurance, mold has become its own area of coverage. Nearly every claim of property loss has a corresponding mold claim, particularly those involving flooding, leaks, or fire.

Authoritative Knowledge of Mold Coverage

At Kunz Plitt Hyland & Demlong, one of our chief responsibilities is to remain at the forefront of all matters relating to insurance coverage. To serve clients, we must not only keep abreast of all legal issues attendant to mold claims; we must also have a proficient knowledge of mold and of the medicine of mold.

Experience in Both Coverage Issues and Litigation

We have the ability to contribute to changes in insurance law. Few lawyers can boast both authoritative knowledge of insurance coverage issues and extensive experience litigating insurance disputes. Kunz Plitt Hyland & Demlong attorneys have worked as defense lawyers for insurance companies, litigating the same underlying issues that arise in their current practice.

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