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Insurance Claims, Coverage and Bad Faith

Working in Bad Faith, Insurance Coverage, Professional Malpractice, and Insurance Brokerage Litigation

Complicated legal issues often arise in insurance litigation, and experienced attorneys are allowed to serve as insurance coverage expert witnesses to help work through such issues. While expert witnesses are not permitted to testify on the law, they can verify the reasonableness of the insurance company's interpretation of the law.

Attorney Steven Plitt can testify not only on matters of bad faith, property insurance claims, and insurance coverage, but also in litigation involving legal malpractice, medical malpractice, and other forms of professional malpractice. As a licensed insurance broker, he has testified both for and against brokers involved in litigation.

Both Academic and Practical Experience

Mr. Plitt's knowledge encompasses both academic and practical knowledge. He can explain insurance industry practices and analyze the legal justifications for them. His knowledge comes in large part from his many years of experience as both a professor of law and an insurance coverage and litigation lawyer.

Our Phoenix, Arizona, law firm provides the highly experienced insurance coverage and litigation assistance offered by large coastal law firms, only at more affordable rates. The firm is a virtual think tank of insurance coverage issues, and brings in 20 law students every year on Couch fellowships to devote their time to studying coverage issues.